It was around Thanksgiving when puppy fever hit and I could no longer keep it at bay. I had always wanted a french bulldog after living in New York City and frequenting the same pet store until they (not so) politely asked me to leave unless I was actually going to buy the little girl–which I would have, if she wasn’t $3,000, girl’s gotta eat and make a living, ya know? After talking to a number of breeders and hearing that all french bulldogs basically are thousands, I directed my attention elsewhere, to rescuing a puppy. I looked at a good amount of these sites as well and put in an application for two from one organization and put down the condo association’s phone number as a contact for our landlord thinking I didn’t have her number. I then looked at another organization further away, in Andover, MA and fell in love with this little girl pup with a mainly black body and brown paws, named Tessa. On a whim I looked in my phone to find our landlord’s number and put that down instead. We were respectfully declined from the first organization within the same day due to ‘renting policies within the condo complex.’ Devastated, I was convinced that we wouldn’t be able to adopt a puppy, that is, until we were contacted by the organization in Andover, stating that since we rent from someone who owns the condo that it’s up to the discretion of our landlord, who agreed to allow us to have pets. I looked at the site again and came across this mug:

Imageimage022  image026-1

His name is Milson, this is him at 5 weeks, weighing 3 pounds. He was the most unique puppy I had ever seen and in that moment, I made up my mind that he needed to be ours. I showed Lindsay and when we both couldn’t contain our excitement, we replied to our adoption coordinator that he was the one we wanted. Her reply, “sorry, Milson is no longer available.” We felt our hearts break in that moment and decided that if we couldn’t have Milson we would wait to adopt a pup that we knew immediately fit into our family. Just as we were resting our eyes, my phone went off at 11 p.m. and it was our adoption coordinator saying his application had fallen through and if we wanted to proceed that we have the chance to be the parents of Milson. We couldn’t and still can’t explain the overwhelming feeling of joy when we heard this even though he wasn’t ours yet. After a week-long approval process, we were in the car driving to Andover to pick up the best black and white furred little mutt.


(Yes, he is stepping in his own pee, he’s a baby).

We brought Milson Duncan Parks home on December 9, 2013. After two months, many ruined shoes, dollars spent on treats that he likes one day, hates the next; plenty of bite marks, long nights and lack of sleep, way too many large coffees, and ten squeak squeaks, we are the happiest family and we wouldn’t be one without him…and he even knows how to sit pretty.


Good boy.


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