Meet Emma Lyla

On Sunday, I was working from 9-12:30 and Lindsay dropped me off to take the car to run errands while I was gone and picked me up with Milson in the car — to say the least, I was so excited that he came for the trip with her, it was such a nice surprise — she then told me that she spent X on treats he didn’t like and we should make another trip to PetSmart — which I feel like we live in and I’m oddly okay with it because i LOVE PUPPIES and especially love PetSmart during adoption events! I did however, set up a ban for myself on Fridays and Saturdays because one rescue organization visits on those days and I have no spine when it comes to saying no and knew I would be guiltily telling Lindsay that I had like 30 puppies in the backseat of the car or at least one other addition to our family.

Alright, you caught me, we went to PetSmart on what I thought was a safe Sunday and ended up going in for treats for one and walking away with another. Meet Emma Lyla — who we are currently fostering.


She’s the cutest damn thing and Milson is in love with her. Can’t say I blame him, we fell in love with her too. Needless to say, we promised we wouldn’t buy anything for her because we’re fostering but I sent Lindsay out to get a puppy gate and she came back with a flower collar and a pink leash and Milson now also has a bowtie collar and a neon blue leash — they are rockstars.



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