You Have a What? A #futchcloset …?

One of the many benefits to a lesbian relationship is the expansion of your wardrobe. I remember the day Lindsay and I moved in together and one of the fondest memories was hanging all of our clothes up in the closet, I had never seen so many button-ups  and ties. For the entire winter of 2012, I wore a different button-up almost every day putting a femme twist on her boyish wardrobe — adding a necklace here and there, curling my hair when it looked a little too masculine, throwing on some tall heels and fitted black pants. I swear life has been way more comfortable since we’ve merged.

We love shopping but only ever buy anything if it’s on sale and are obsessed with good deals — we’re the kind of people who hand over our Stop & Shop card at the end of the ringing so we can watch the price drop by a hundred or more. Of course, I’m not the only one who benefits in this relationship from the doubling of wardrobe — Lindsay is able to butch up some of my things, although not as many, like sweaters, jeans, and cardigans. We frequently talk about how it’d be great to make our own clothing line, but until then, we just keep expanding our #futchcloset (yes, use that hashtag when you have something awesome you wear if you’re swapping the typical gender stereotypes or if you’re completely gay like us — and follow us, too @thefutchlife for fashion steals like today’s JCrew Factory free shipping with code HAPPYDAY).



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