DIY Furniture Style

After moving around a lot since graduation you would think that I had a lot of furniture but in all reality, I was nomadic, all I had was a couple of suitcases full of clothing and a lot of shoes. Literally, every girl’s dream but in reality, it probably would have been nice to have a dresser to put them in but hey, at that point in my life, JCrew sales were more appealing (..and still are).

I remember when I was laying on the couch after a day of work texting Lindsay about how I was looking for an apartment and she said something along the lines of moving in together. Well, within 5 minutes, I sent 35 links to her inbox and within two months, we were moving in together. So then came that question of who’s bringing what and all I could really contribute was a lot of dresses, some crazy colored pants, high heels, floral button-ups, and necklaces in a variety of colors — obviously all of Lindsay’s favorite things (not even close).

She listed off a good amount of furniture, mirrors, a bed…and I was still packing my blush. Awkward.

My uncle’s best friend who makes furniture said that he had extra of x, y, and z and that we could have it if we wanted — it was all wood and beautifully crafted. It went perfect with the house that we first moved into when Lindsay came down to CT from Mass. However, that house turned into a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and we ended up breaking our lease and moving into a more modern condo next to a mall (hello, heaven, #futchcloset) — so we decided that the wooden furniture wouldn’t really go but wanted to repurpose what we had and continue to add to our collection.

2013-08-25 10.55.42

We decided in the summer to attend every single…I mean, every single tag sale that there possibly was and to take whatever we found and turn it into something that was ours. We re-painted the dressers we had after sanding them down, sanded down an end table and painted it light teal, and then we found this awesome bench that originally was from outside of Fenway…for 20 dollars. We hoisted that baby up into the car and decided to sand down the metal and wood and to re-paint it as well to be an accent to our living room space. The projects not only kept us busy but allowed us to make our home into what it is on a budget. It was one of the best summers that I had and I know that this one, we’ll be doing the exact same thing.


If you have any questions about DIY furniture, we LOVE getting crafty and have become really good at decorating our house in this piece by piece fashion, after all, you never know when someone else’s “trash” will become your treasure.


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