90 and Change, a Full Fridge and Happy Pups

After a busy day, I think that I can easily say and most would agree grocery shopping is just about the last thing you want to do during the week — so of course, we save that and all of our other errands for the weekend when we convince ourselves that we have the time (when in actuality, we don’t). When we enter a grocery store (always Stop & Shop), we already have in mind what we want/need to get and know exactly where everything is. The first place we always head toward is the reduced produce section — it’s literally a lifesaver. Most think that it consists of mainly rotting fruits and vegetables or ones that are about to rot in the next five seconds right in your hand — well to those of you that do think that, a. you’re wrong, b. Lindsay and I have saved a TON of money shopping this way and would highly recommend it to anyone with a diet high in either fruits, vegetables, or both.

Since literally all we eat is basically fruits and vegetables, it makes the most economical sense that we wouldn’t want to spend 2.99 a pound on green peppers since it literally is only 2 or 6.99 a pound on grapes. We live our lives getting the most bang for our buck and that’s how we are able to afford other more expensive items that we want and live the lifestyle that we do.

I’ll give an example. Tonight, we walked into the grocery store and were able to stock our whole fridge and get 4 bags of various treats for our two little pups for 90 and change.


A lot of the fruit we purchase goes toward snacks in our lunches and also toward juicing — where we make up various concoctions that we will share via our blog once we have a good amount of recipes — we also share them on Twitter, @thefutchlife.

The vegetables we buy while they might need to be used within a day of purchase never go to waste because we can pre-cook for the week and are always coming up with inventive ways to incorporate them into our lunches and dinners, recipes will be listed here and you can check out two we’ve previously posted, ‘Naan Pizza’ and ‘Unconventional Grilled Cheese.’

We purchase a lot of bread from the reduced bakery section as well and freeze it since we can always use bread — and in the same section in the grocery store near the freezer aisle there is also reduced canned goods and other assorted reduced items that we also purchase, since canned goods never go bad (sometimes they have a dent in the can, so not a big deal just make sure the dent isn’t where you need to open it because the can opener won’t work).

We do however, sometimes frequent various Stop & Shops because they all have different items that end up on reduced — they are fairly close for us, so that’s not a big deal and the amount of money that we save in groceries is definitely worth the extra dollar or two in gas. This is also worth it for those of us who don’t have time to look around for coupons online — way less time consuming and definitely pocket friendly.



Like I said before, all of this featured here was 90 and change — so next time you enter a grocery store, see what reduced is all about and you too, can have a happy family, full bellies, and a pretty decent sized wallet when you leave.


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