At Home Banana Chai Smoothies

I have an odd obsession with scoping out health food stores regardless of where I am – I remember I was at a town fair surrounded by fried dough, candy apples, and cotton candy and I ended up in a booth that was selling nutritional supplements and shakes so it’s no surprise when we traveled to the town of Newburyport and went into a plaza that I went missing into a small store catering to living a healthy lifestyle. I was in my element – kale chips, seaweed salad, gluten-free desserts, and organic energy bars. I then saw the smoothie board and knowing how much Lindsay loves chai, found one with that in it—it was heaven but it also cost $7 and I finished it in 5 minutes…equaling $1.40 per minute. So, needless to say, we decided to take this smoothie and put our own spin on it making it our own and costing us way less.

What you’ll need:
Ice cubes
Tazo liquid chai tea mix from Starbucks
Vanilla almond or soy milk

1 banana
6 ice cubs
½ cup chai tea mix
2 cups vanilla almond or soy milk
Blend together the banana, chai tea mix, and almond or soy milk first, add ice cubes…enjoy!

Such a simple recipe packed with nutrition at a quarter of the cost to make an entire batch. Goes to show that literally anything you buy, you can make at home if you just get a little creative. Keep checking in for more recipes from restaurants to our own kitchen and follow us on Twitter, @thefutchlife for quick updates on our healthy living that you can mimic now, too!





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