Fruity Ice Cubes

Being very health conscious, Lindsay and I drink a LOT of water every single day but let’s be honest, drinking just water can be beyond boring and we always want to switch it up a bit — we were buying mio for a while, which was great but $5 for each bottle got to be a little expensive (since Lindsay has a sweet tooth and uses a ton of it!) so as I was on my fourth 20 oz bottle the other day and went to make a juice, I had the idea of freezing the juice we make and using them in our water — what a GREAT idea! It naturally flavors the water and is beyond simple — whatever you are juicing, just freeze in an ice cube tray and place into your water when you want a little extra flavor. You can do a combination of anything, ones we tried were strawberry/kiwi and blueberry/raspberry — let me tell you, that little kick made my water all that more exciting (yes, it always is the little things in life that get me excited).

Although we don’t drink liquor, you could add it also to your favorite clear drinks, like vodka and sprite or if you are drinking a flavored vodka, make the ice cubes with the same flavor — blueberry vodka, sprite, and blueberry ice cubes? I bet it would be awesome.

So simple, so cheap, and so satisfying, especially as the weather is getting warmer, you can also add these to lemonade, iced tea, and sparking water as well.

It’s also a great way to have your children include fruits in their diet if they aren’t very interested in eating them. Make ice cubes that resemble their favorite juices and slip it into their water or even juice concentrate — apple juice? Make apple ice cubes. Cranberry juice? Make lime/cranberry ice cubes. Grape juice? Grape ice cubes. Pineapple juice? Pineapple ice cubes.

Get creative and enjoy! The possibilities really ARE endless!


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