That’s YOUR Fiancé? #futchcloset


I know, right? I am so lucky. 😉 don’t even think about hitting on her…however, I’ll let you check out her style because she’s rockin’ it and is completely futch living, what a beautiful thing — her clothes ladies, eyes off.

Her button-up comes from slim fit JCrew menswear, pants are ivory corduroys in Marisa fit from LOFT, watch is grey with rhinestones from LOFT as well, belt from Gap,  shoes are suede Vince Camutos in grey and blue from DSW — throw in a grey/silver tie with a tie clip from anywhere and you’ve got our futch style.

Stay tuned to see how to femme this outfit up, you’d be surprised how easy it is and luckily, we wear the same size — but even if you and your partner don’t, you can find ways to complement each other’s wardrobes quite easily — we recently bought some men’s JCrew button-ups not in slim fit and they were a little big for how I like to wear them but I tucked it in in the front with a chic skinny belt and a bright necklace for a good pop and as easy as that, we were futch-ing it again. Lindsay is wearing one of the larger button-ups today tucked completely in with a white belt, she looks FAB — again, eyes off. 😉


2 thoughts on “That’s YOUR Fiancé? #futchcloset

  1. This blog is such a genius idea. A couple sharing their different styles. Love it. And on top of it sharing how you incorporate the same clothing item into two different styles. Love it even more.

    Really like this outfit, the shoes and the tie ties it all together…no pun intended 😉

    • Thank you so much! We are so glad that you like the blog 🙂 always awesome to hear comments like this, definitely made my Friday morning. 🙂 always welcoming any advice/input as well so let us know if you want to see something different or more of something else! we’re working on a photo book (that we will bind and sell, free copies to those involved), so feel free to let anyone you know in the LGBT community that if they rock it futch, they can submit their high res photos to

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