Run Together, Stay Together

IMG_1469~2Lindsay and I went for our first morning run outside the other day and the weather was gorgeous! It prompted us to later in the day reflect on our run and the benefits it had for us not only personally as individuals but as a couple. Of course, we’ve all heard if you exercise together, you stay together — and here’s our story and some reasons as to why.

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning and unsuccessfully went to try a trial at the gym (since we are in the midst of switching) but I had left my ID at home, which was a blessing because it pushed us to embrace the cool spring air that morning. We tightened our laces and stepped out of our condo, feet hitting the pavement, and we were off running.

The entire time we were running, we found we had an increase in our motivation moreso than if we were running solo. Normally when running with others, we gravitate to those who most resemble our own behavior so it’s no surprise that if you run with your significant other, someone you are already a good fit with, then you will see that increase in motivation.

In running with someone you’re comfortable with, it’s less intimidating and before you begin your excursion you know that you and your partner are on the same page in achieving the same goals. Lindsay is definitely my wingman and the support we feel when we are running together is incredible. We continually push one another whether it’s literally up the big hill in front of us or figuratively when we’re in the final stretch. There’s nothing like having someone you know, love, and trust by your side when you are testing your limits in an attempt to exceed them.

When you run you also release endorphins, which can help you get through any tough days that the two of you might be experiencing. Working out in the morning not only puts you in a better mood but also gives you the energy you might have previously been lacking when good old 5 o’clock rolls around and it’s time to reconnect with your loved one.

Of course, I wrote about running but this goes for any type of exercise. I guarantee if you do some type of morning exercise with your partner you will find it to be a deep bonding experience and also find that your mood is elevated allowing your relationship to flourish.

So go get out there with the sunrise and make it happen!

What are some of the activities you like to do with your significant other? We’d love to hear them!


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