A Story of Love, Lin & Laur


“There was just about two days of messaging back and forth through the Plenty of Fish site (yes really) before we finally made plans to meet. I couldn’t get enough of her. She was sarcastic, cocky, and completely adorable. So when she texted me as soon as I pulled away from when we first met asking when she could see me again it only took about half a second for to respond excitedly, “tomorrow!” We had plans four days later and I was literally counting down the days and then I totaled my car. I was lying in an ambulance and an hour later Lindsey showed up in the ER. There hasn’t been a day I’ve been without her since. She’s my soul mate, my safety net, my hero, and my best friend. She keeps me focused, grounded, and positive. I’m so happy to say that in less than five months I get to call this amazing woman my wife! The planning has been unbelievably fun and we have so many amazing things to look forward to in our life together. I couldn’t be any luckier to get to spend all of them with the love of my life!”


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