Why Date Nights are Always Important

For Lindsay and I, while we love our life, it’s chock full of busy, after busy, after busy and oftentimes, we get so caught up in the day-to-day that our conversations consist of what errands we need to run, if we have time for the dog park, what we’re having for dinner, whether or not we have enough laundry soap to do laundry when we get home and if we have ingredients to make dog cookies. It isn’t that we ever forget to appreciate that we’re in a relationship or forget how much we love one another, but let’s be honest, everyone knows the drudgery of daily life can become overwhelming at times and in every relationship it’s necessary to appreciate one another, and to spend quality time together, even if it means just being together for a few hours on date night.

I’m sure anyone in a relationship can relate to the “dating period” — the time when you barely knew one another and met awkwardly at different places in an attempt to form a connection and a bond through learning one another’s interests and other information about each other’s lives. We’ve all been there. You take 3 hours to get ready, changing outfits 45 times, and nervously shuffling around the house waiting until it isn’t too early to look eager but not too late to look like you don’t care. There are butterflies, even sparks, and the excitement comes waiting for the call for the next date. There’s something so passionate during this time in a relationship that it’s integral to bring it back.

Once you’re in a long-term relationship, the getting ready takes way less time, you change maybe out of sweatpants, and the nervous shuffling hardly exists. You become so comfortable with your significant other, that it’s beyond imperative and important to spice things up and to keep the passion alive. It doesn’t really matter what you do on date night, make it something the two of you are interested in and something that would cause you to revert back to when you first started dating–maybe it’s a favorite little dive the two of you met in frequently, a movie theater where you saw your first flick, a rock climbing wall where you two belayed one another and cheered each other up the wall or some trail you hiked on and had a picnic–whatever the event, it’ll be sure to bring back a flood of memories and make you feel just as crazy for your significant other as you were the day you laid eyes on each other.

We try to have a date night at least once a week and believe me, it’s the best thing we choose to do in the midst of our chaotic and sometimes overwhelming lives.

Let us know about your date nights! We just went on one tonight and are still in bed by 11:30 with the pups, life is so, so good.


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