Embrace Your Body & Dress For It

The best part of fashion is that it’s subjective, which allows you to explore a variety of colors, prints, and fits but no matter what you’re integrating into your wardrobe, you should always be dressing for your body type. One of the most empowering parts of maturing fashionably is recognizing your body type and embracing it as well as accentuating it via the clothes you choose to wear. There are usually five categories women fall into–hourglass, pear, wedge, apple or rectangle–however, you can also be a combination of the two, maybe even three, but here are some suggestions for the next time you’ve put 20 items in your cart and need to narrow it down to 5.

If you’re an hourglass then you know that your curves are your best asset. You have a small waist with hips and shoulders that are similar in size. Personally, I have an hourglass shape and it’s been interesting to say the least to find the right combination of clothing that’s not too baggy and not to tight. I like to wear longer open cardigans, dresses that have a natural hourglass shape, button-ups that are a little baggy, with jeans that are fitted, an accent necklace, and a skinny belt with the front tucked in, again accentuating my waist and toning down my hips and shoulders. I avoid strapless whenever I can because my shoulders are a little broad, and I 100 percent avoid tops that are extremely fitted, have a really deep V without anything underneath, and tops that are short, which make me look stocky, rather than slim. I also avoid crazy patterns for bottoms, since they have a tendency to also make me look bottom heavy. I am also on the shorter side, so whenever possible, I opt for a heel or a flat with a little oomph i.e. the ones showcased earlier from JCrew. Skinny and straight legged jeans have become my best friends, same goes for work attire and I love, love high waisted skirts that show off my hips and waist, while still keeping my style not too baggy and not too tight.

If you’re a pear, then you know your best assets are your shoulders and a mean torso with a flat stomach. With this body shape, you’ll want to draw attention to the upper half of your body to offset your hips. A-line skirts are awesome for making a seamless transition between your upper and lower half. Strapless dresses are also great and draw attention to your shoulders and steer it away from your hips–with these, try pointed heels that give the illusion of elongating your body, as well. Wide legged pants such as boyfriend jeans are a must and solid colors on the bottom with a printed shirt will also look great. Try a statement necklace, something bold, or an extremely colorful scarf. Also when possible, avoid flats, unless you’re in jeans that you’ve cuffed, because it can give the appearance that you’re shorter than you actually are. I always say, when in doubt, add some height, rock a heel, or even a sexy wedge–have fun with it and remember that colors and prints in tops are your best friend.

If you’re a wedge, girl, you’ve got some legs on that body. You’ll want to focus your attention on your lower body, while softening it toward your upper body. This is easily accomplished by almost reversing what we’ve recommended for the pear body shape. You’ll will LOVE spring and summer, which is all about bold color, and snag several pairs of your favorite pants in bold hues. Personally, I love a good teal, pink, and yellow pant for these seasons. Wide-leg pants are also great for this body type as well as full length skirts. Try finding a skirt in an awesome pattern, belt it at the waist with a pop of color, take a baggier but slim fitting button-up and tuck it in with a statement necklace or scarf. Instead of boat neckline tops, opt for subtle v’s or crew, and remember to always call attention to your waistline–belts and high-waisted styles are a must.

If you’re an apple, then your best asset is also your legs! Fashion for the apple is very similar to the pear–you’ll want to wear skirts that are shorter to accentuate your legs and try pairing it with a vneck sweater that will elongate your upper body–I’d also suggest rocking necklaces that are rather bold in statement with a lot of color–you’ll want to keep attention focused on your upper, upper body, and your legs. Rock boot cut and flared jeans that create the illusion that your shoulders and hips are the same size minimizing attention to your waist. Bigger belts are also awesome for apple shapes i.e. with a baggier dress that needs to be belted, but you can also kick it with a colorful skinny belt with high waisted items as well–high waisted is incredible for this shape. Keep the tops simple and your pants bold.

If you’re a rectangle, then your best assets are your arms and legs but you’ll want to create the illusion of a curved waist. You’re slender from head-to-toe and there isn’t much to hide — and let me tell you, when I was growing up and awkwardly growing into my body, this is the kind I always wanted, so, consider yourself lucky! You’ll want to accentuate the fact that you are slim, which can be done with a long jacket and you can also wear high waisted jeans with a statement belt and long cardigan. It is important for this body type to not be so overwhelming and more or less keep it on the simple side but do go with bold colors in pants, a solid colored top, and a statement necklace in a bright color. Pointed heels are great to create the appearance that your body is longer than it is but you can easily wear flats as well. Layers are also awesome for this body type and create dimension–the most important thing with this body type is just to experiment to find your own taste in style–always accentuate your top!

Do you have any fashion tips that have worked for your body type? Please share!


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