It’s Not Just a Label, It’s a Lifestyle

I think I was about 25 years old when I first realized that fashion isn’t about incorporating the latest trend into your wardrobe or investing in the most expensive apparel money can buy. It’s about owning who you are and not being afraid to express it through your own sense of style or added flair. It’s dressing for your body type and flaunting it with absolutely zero apology, not caring whether or not it puts you on top of the best dressed list or sparks a wave of stylish phenomenon. You want to take risks? You want to contradict every expectation you’ve already set? Do it but do it with the necessary confidence that makes them all take note of sexy being back…and it’s with a vengeance.

My biggest hurdle to date was when I made the transition from cute little dresses, 6 inch heels, and up dos to neckties, button-ups, and a faux hawk that never fails to touch some sky. At first, I hid behind oversized this, baggy that, not understanding that I could still embrace my body while simultaneously relaying who existed beneath the outfit to the rest of the world. It took practice, it took some silencing of inhibition but with a little intrinsic coaxing and a whole lot of partner fueled support, I’m finally able to walk into a corporate setting rocking a pair of boy’s dress shoes and gender bending business wear. Sure, I’ve been on the receiving end of a few awkward stares but if you aren’t making them take notice, you’re not doing it right….right?

So, whether you’re a boyish girl, a girlish boy, a fancy femme, a big ole butch, or someone who kicked any type of label to the curb years ago, the recipe is basic and it’s simple: be who you are, let your uniqueness do the shopping, and never second guess a combination that puts a killer pep in your step.


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