Squeezing in Healthy Choices so you don’t have to Squeeze into your Jeans

For those of us juggling a million things on both the work and the personal front, hitting the gym and making healthy choices can seem nearly impossible. Our time is limited and it’s valuable so more often than not convenience trumps healthy because we just can’t envision squeezing one more task into an already jam packed day. We hear you, we’re listening, and we’re hear to reassure you that the solution is not as difficult to attain as you may think. Below you’ll find an extremely busy, chubby girl at heart guide to staying slim, healthy, and motivated:

1.)  There is a healthy alternative to almost any snack, meal, and/or guilty pleasure. If you’re sitting at the office and thinking to yourself, “I could sure go for a slice of cheese pizza right now”, take a moment to investigate whether or not there is a satisfying alternative to your typical grease filled piece of heaven, uh, ahem, disgusting calorie ridden slice of filth. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Good news, there is and it isn’t difficult to whip up yourself. Are you a chips and dip type of person? This just in…even THAT can turn into a healthy, feel good indulgence if you do it right. (Ask us how).

2.)  Cutting out the soda doesn’t mean water is your only option. I think this was one of the hardest things for me to avoid. There is something so thirst quenching about even just the thought of that flavorful carbonation hitting the back of your throat. I believe I was up to 4-5 20 oz. bottles a day and justified it by arguing, well, it’s diet so it’s fine. FALSE. Diet soda is probably even worse for you with all that aspartame and phosphoric acid and does absolutely nothing to help you avoid the pound packing that regular soda also induces. If you too are a struggling addict, wean yourself off by cutting down from 4-5 to 2-3 so on and so forth. Find a sugar free flavor additive or make yourself a fruity smoothie/vitamin fueled juice for those moments during which water just won’t cut it.

3.)  Work can’t come second to working out. We get that and we agree. Everyone always asks us how we manage to spend quality time with our pups, work our 9-5’s, create/implement healthy recipes, explore our interests, maintain our relationship, and adhere to a pretty strict workout schedule. There really is only one answer and it’s a lot more obvious than you’d probably suspect. We have the time because we make the time. Bone tired? Push yourself. Have a million things to do this weekend? Put yourself first. Can’t stand the thought of getting out of bed? You’ll only have yourself to blame when you aren’t strutting your stuff confidently once swimsuit season rolls around. We aren’t saying to neglect your responsibilities but we are advising that you make your inner and outer health one of them.

4.)  Turn off the stimuli and SLEEP. Most of us are running on 5-6 hours and even that is an overestimation for some. We’re tossing, we’re turning, we’re channel surfing, we’re making lists in our heads, sending one last text, or translating our love interest’s latest tweet. TURN IT OFF. Sleep is crucial to our performance and can even help us maintain a healthy weight.

5.)  I’m a snacker and I don’t care who knows it. I struggle mostly at work when I’m made to sit in one place for hours on end. It’s impossible not to graze or become tempted when mid-day snacks are so accessible and helpful in passing the time. The trick is to pack your own lunch complete with healthy options. Replace a bag of chips with a container of fruit, substitute a chocolate pudding for a nonfat yogurt, or try getting up and taking a stroll around the office every time a craving hits. There is nothing worse than continuously ingesting calories and doing absolutely nothing with them.

You can take these tips and make them your own based on schedule, fitness goals, metabolic patterns, etc. There is no universal way to go about any of this outside of establishing a balance and making choices fueled by healthy ambition and not just convenience.


4 thoughts on “Squeezing in Healthy Choices so you don’t have to Squeeze into your Jeans

      • do you like fruit juice? if you take some fruit juice and mix it with seltzer, it’ll give the bubbly effect with a tinge of sweet to curb your sugar cravings and if you have a carbonation machine, you can at least make your own soda so you know exactly what’s going in it instead of receiving all that excess sugar. We sometimes get super bored with water as well and make our own fruit ice cubes (also on the blog) but you can take slices of your favorite fruit and allow it to sit in seltzer int he fridge for some added flavor…also, green tea is supposed to be a good alternative as well esp. for caffeine.

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