Being Bargain Saavy Doesn’t Mean You’re Cheap

Let’s be honest, if money grew on trees we’d be the proud owners of a huge farm where the puppies outnumber the people and our closets resemble a JCrew Factory store by now (we’re still hoping on one day but can admit it ourselves, begrudgingly, that it isn’t today and most likely won’t be tomorrow either). We’re practical because we have to be but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style, taste, or enjoying the things we love. Whether it is apparel, accessories, a night out, organic ingredients, or indulging on behalf of our mutts, we make it a point to find the very best deals in town. Follow our-step-by-step guide to stretching a dime and striking a deal because even the economically cautious should be living moment to moment not paycheck-to-paycheck.

  • Daily Deal Sites are Your Friend: Once upon a time I though LivingSocial, Groupon, and sites of the like were great ways to fill up your inbox with spam. I was proven wrong when we scored a HUGE deal on a hotel room in Boston the night of the Ellie Goulding concert. We kept our stay under $100 but didn’t miss out on quality amenities. Ever since, We’ve struck deals pertaining to tickets, local restaurants, spas, haircuts, and more. Some of our favorites include: Groupon, LivingSocial, and The best part about is you can purchase coupons for restaurants that operate within your destination spot and exchange them if you don’t end up venturing to those venues. It’s how we maintain a much-needed weekly date night without breaking the bank.
  • It’s not Second Hand, It’s Vintage: Tag sale season is in full bloom. Everywhere we go, we find a tag sale sign and you best believe that we stop at every single one. There really are such hidden treasures that can be found and the fun part is you never know what you’ll stumble upon. Our house is primarily full of DIY projects from items that we’ve found at tag sales. For example, our entertainment center is made of bookshelves and it’s awesome. Our shoe rack is also made of shelving and we’ve taken numerous wood furniture pieces, sanded them and painted them to go with the décor along in any of our rooms.
  • Go Factory or Go Broke: Hit the outlets before ever hitting the mall. We travel the extra mileage to capitalize upon the awesome deals found within factory retail stores because there really is no cheaper deal in town. You don’t have to miss out on the label and you will not believe just how many pieces you walk away with.
  • Reduced Produce & Dollar Store Bargains: I can’t remember a weekend that wasn’t partially spent scoping out the reduced produce racks across our local Stop & Shops. Perfectly perfect produce just sitting there at a discounted price ready to be incorporated into our latest veggie recipe. They usually put it out in the morning and the only difference between the selection found here and the fruits/veggies sitting across the mainstream aisle are the price and the fact that it is approaching it’s sell by date within the next day or two. On another note, Dollar Stores are not trashy, they’re practical. Why pay more than you have to for items that are re-purchased pretty regularly or will just serve as a side to your main dish? Rice, lentils, couscous…aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic bags, this store literally has everything and will cost you less than your grocery store.
  • Wait for the Deals: Are you about to hit submit on an online retail order? WAIT!!! Chances are you’ll be notified of a big sale in the not-so distant future and whatever item you’re scoping out will be available at a discounted price sooner than later. If you can hold off, I suggest you do. Very rarely do we run into a “sold out” notification and if we do, it wasn’t meant to be anyway.

Whatever your financial status, it’s always smart to shop wisely and these tips are easier than you may think to incorporate into your daily decision-making. We don’t spend our time obsessing over coupons or limiting ourselves but we don’t overspend when cheaper, same quality alternatives are readily available. This coming week, challenge yourself to trying one of these options and tell us all about your bargain savvy adventure!


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