Tag Sale Season is Even Better than the Holidays


The weekend has hit, the sun is shining, and yard sale signs are lining the streets. It’s a beautiful time of year for those of us who love a good do it yourself project and truly believe that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Ever since we moved in together we have made it a point to shop on a budget while filling our home with pieces that are the product of some good ole fashion TLC and a testament to our combined taste. While you may undoubtedly run into your occasional useless trinket or an accessory that peaked years ago, you never know when you’ll come across that beautiful table that would go perfectly in the living room or that dresser that would provide just the right amount of storage space.

Some may argue that DIY projects typically cost more than buying something new when all is said and done and to those readers I say, you aren’t doing it right. Sure it might require a can of paint but did you ever think of scoping out the woops-a-daisy paint aisle in your local hardware store? That often overlooked aisle serves home to cans of paint that didn’t come out the way a customer had hoped as far as color is concerned and has since been significantly marked down. Perhaps the bookshelf you spotted is missing a shelf unit…flip it on its side, lay it on top of your bedroom dresser and call it an entertainment center (also great for storage if you have a few homeless odds and ends). We just found a small dresser that correlated nicely with our living room color scheme but unfortunately was missing its top drawer. What did we do? Found a small piece of wood to lay across and lined it with small candles for a little dose of ambience. We came across another book shelf that had somewhat of a stair effect and looked a little out of place next to our straight top coffee table so we stuck it in the closet to serve as a shoe rack. The possibilities are endless and they don’t have to break the bank or consume your entire weekend. You have to have an open mind when it comes to these things and some of you may gawk at the idea of sticking used goods in your home but you’d be surprised at just how well these soon to be personalized effects fill your space.

I don’t think that we’ve ever spent more than $50.00 at one of these yard extravaganzas (that’s right, extravaganza) and yet our home is almost filled to capacity with buried treasures. We recently invited our parents over for a Memorial Day celebration and while they relaxed on our outdoor wicker bench (free) and rested their frosty glasses on our patio table ($5.00) they took note of just how well our condo is coming along, inquiring where we got this, how we did that, and what inspired those.  Over the past year or so our house has really begun to feel and look like a home, a task that once upon a time seemed impossible on an extremely cautious budget.


One thought on “Tag Sale Season is Even Better than the Holidays

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