We’re young 20 somethings navigating the world from our own point of view, paying it forward, and  constantly being thankful. We’re liberal, always laughing, and finding love. We got engaged on June 22, 2013, recently adopted a rescue pup named Milson Duncan, and are vegetarians living on a budget. We juice, try new things, drink coffee, and eat ice cream daily. We’re lovers of the world, listeners, and educated professionals. We practice yoga, rock climb, buy too many clothes, and travel whenever we can. We live every day as though it’s our last because how else do you really live?



3 thoughts on “About

  1. With the exception of being vegetarians my Lovely Lady and I live exactly the same way. I have my own petsitting, house sitting and babysitting business and she is a makeup artist. We are broke right now, but know that being rich has nothing to do with money. When we found one another it felt as if I had won the lottery and biggest jackpot ever. Let me know where I should send some pictures. Do you want them to be of me alone or can some be of her and I together?

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